Best Beaches in Georgia for Families

The top best beaches in Georgia for families- fun for the whole family.

When your family needs a little rest and a change of scenery, a visit to the beach is the perfect getaway. Well, if you have young kids you may not find it to be particularly restful, but it can certainly be fun and a change from every day life!

And Georgia beaches are the perfect place to have a blast while spending quality time together

One of my favorite aspect of living in the state of Georgia is the ability to drive to the mountains or the beach, each a relatively short drive from where we live, and know it will be worth it every time.

Georgia has a variety of family-friendly beaches along its Atlantic Ocean coastline, perfect for families looking for a mix of sun, sand, and activities for all ages. 

The beaches in this southern state are known for their warm water and gentle waves, making them ideal for families with young children. As someone who grew up on the west coast, I appreciate the gentler surf on these beaches!

Let’s look at the best beaches in Georgia for families, and why we’ve picked them.

Top Beaches in Georgia For Families

The Georgia coast is filled with beautiful beaches perfect for families seeking both adventure and relaxation.

North Beach on Tybee Island

Tybee Light Station,

North Beach on Tybee Island is a great choice for families due to its proximity to Savannah, GA. Our family loves this beach in particular, because of its easy location, plenty of sandy stretches for setting up for the day, and the accessible bathrooms.

There is also a nearby playground, and, during peak season, North Beach has gentle waves and lifeguard patrols. That always makes me feel just a little safer when my little ones are playing in the surf!

North Beach is close to the Tybee Island Light Station and Museum– Georgia’s oldest and tallest light!

South Beach on Tybee Island

South Beach Pier

South Beach, also situated on Tybee Island, is the quintessential family-friendly destination. Its iconic pier is a magnet for activity, offering easy access to amenities and beachside entertainment.

This is where families gather for beach volleyball, seaside dining, and shops that are within walking distance to soft sand and rolling waves.

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Driftwood Beach

Driftwood Beach

Driftwood Beach, located on Jekyll Island, is a fascinating location for good reason. The beach is full of weathered driftwood and trees scattered along the shoreline.

It’s a great spot for family photos and nature walks. Swimming here is less ideal due to stronger currents so make sure you bring along a life jacket if your kids plan to be near the water. But, if your kids are like mine, they’ll enjoy climbing all over the driftwood and exploring for hours.

St. Andrews Beach Park

St. Andrews Beach,

Another beach to check out on Jekyll Island is St. Andrews Beach Park. The whole family can enjoy both beach fun and educational activities. This is a great spot to watch migratory birds and to see dolphins!

The park’s nature trails are perfect for observing local wildlife, while the beach area offers a great spot for sunbathing and playing in the sand.

Corsair Beach Park

Corsair Beach,

Also located on Jekyll Island is Corsair Beach Park. This beach is located on the southern boundary and has ample parking and a beautiful white sand beach. They offer restrooms and outdoor showers for convenience. 

You’ll find this to be a fun place for setting up chairs, having a picnic, and enjoying the waves.

Cumberland Island National Seashore: Wild Beauty

Wild horses on Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island National Seashore is an awesome place to go to find unspoiled nature and plenty of wildlife. The island’s beaches are part of Georgia’s Barrier Islands, and have a more secluded feel for those looking to avoid the crowds. St. Marys is a charming coastal town and the primary access point to Cumberland Island.

You can take a ferry ride from St. Marys to explore the island’s pristine beaches and historical sites. The island is known for the ruins of Dungeness, the Carnegie family mansion, and wild horses roaming freely—its a really unique experience!

St. Simons Island Beaches

St. Simons Island is an upscale resort island will plenty to do. The Island beaches provide wide-open sandy shores and an inviting community rich with Southern charm. The calm waters are ideal for children to swim in, while the island’s village offers shops and eateries. There are four beaches, each unique but great places to visit with the whole family.

The island is home to a lots of different birds, including the bald eagle, and the salt marshes provide a beautiful backdrop for days spent exploring or simply relaxing on the sand. St. Simons is perfect for families seeking fun beach days and adventure. 

Little St. Simons Beach

Exploring the beach, Adobe

A really unique beach to visit with your family is Little St. Simons Island beach. Little St. Simons is a private barrier island north of St. Simons Island. It is open to the public, and accessible only by boat. There are no vehicles allowed on the island and it is a virtually untouched landscape.

The beaches here are great for sunning and swimming, or the whole family will enjoy fishing, hiking, and exploring. Its an idyllic spot for families looking for serenity and privacy!

Best Inland Beaches in Georgia

Georgia also has some great inland beaches that offer the perfect blend of serene waters and playful shores, perfect for families looking for some sand, water and fun.

Lake Lanier: Freshwater Fun for Families

Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier, sprawling over 38,000 acres, was a lifesaver for our family when we lived in an apartment during the summer with our four young kids. We visited several of the 20 designated swimming areas and always found it to be fun and refreshing.

There are sandy beaches, and the calm waters create a safe environment for young swimmers.

Picnic spots dot the lake’s perimeter, and a day at Lake Lanier can be packed with water sports, like water skiing, swimming, kayaking and boating. 

Boat rentals are also available, giving families the chance to explore the lake’s expanse at their own pace. There is also a water park if your family is looking for some additional excitement.

Robin Lake Beach

Robin Lake Beach

Found within the expanse of Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA, Robin Lake Beach is America’s largest inland white sand beach. It stands out as one of the best beaches in Georgia for families with its crystal-clear, calm waters and soft sands. The beach is specifically designed for family enjoyment, offering a relaxing atmosphere as well as activities such as volleyball, mini golf, and inflatables.

An admission to Callaway Gardens includes access to the beach.

Seasonal events, such as the summer-long beach activities and the Masters Water-ski & Wakeboard Tournament, bring an extra layer of excitement to this peaceful haven.

Set of beach toys for children on sandy beach

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right beach for a family outing in Georgia can be crucial to the success of your vacation. This section covers the most commonly asked questions to help families find their ideal beach destination in the state.

What’s a great beach for a family vacation in Georgia?

St. Simons Island is excellent for a family vacation with its picturesque beaches, a historic lighthouse, and plenty of family-friendly activities.

Between Tybee Island and Jekyll Island, which one would be best for a family trip?

For a classic beach experience with a nearby lighthouse and regular dolphin sightings, Tybee Island is a favorite, while Jekyll Island offers a more tranquil setting with nature trails and historic landmarks.

What’s a hidden gem of a beach in Georgia that’s perfect for families?

Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island offers a unique landscape with weathered driftwood and trees, providing a beautiful and serene environment ideal for family photos and exploration.

Where can we find a peaceful and less crowded beach in Georgia for a family day out?

Cumberland Island is perfect for those seeking solitude. The island’s unspoiled beaches offer a peaceful retreat away from the bustle of more popular spots.

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