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Hello! My name is Meredith. I’m a mom of four kids, ages 11, 8, 5, and 2.

Meredith Wuori with her youngest son on a trip to Idaho.
Me with my youngest on a trip to Idaho.

On my blog, you’ll learn tips and tricks for traveling with babies, toddlers, preschoolers and big kids. I write and recommend based on our lived experiences- and we have a lot of them! 

My husband and I live with our kids, pets and chickens about an hour outside of Atlanta, Georgia. 

We moved here from Washington state in 2022 and let me tell you, that was quite the road trip! We learned a lot from that experience.

After we moved, we had several unsettling weeks of shuffling between AirBNBs and hotels until we got settled in an apartment. After two months, we bought our house out in the country and settled in.

After all those stays in temporary rentals with kids, I have a lot of recommendations and tips to share! 

We homeschool our kids and love the flexibility that comes with this option. It gives us the chance to travel more often and make our own schedule.

Daniel with their four kids, exploring a state park.
My husband Daniel and our kids, exploring a local state park in Georgia.

I grew up with eight siblings- yes 8! We didn’t do fancy vacations, like trips to Disneyland or Hawaii (can you imagine the cost?!) but we did travel when and where we could. 

My best memories from childhood will always be the family trips we took to the mid-west. My dad put a mattress in the bed of his truck with a canopy, and we older kids sat, slept and ate back there!

That’s totally not something I recommend, but the 90s were a wild time. 

We didn’t eat out (except for this one time we ate at a “real” honest to goodness restaurant and my dad was shocked to get the bill- $50?! Oh man, for eleven people that seems like an absolute steal now!) 

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I was lucky to get to explore much of that area, and take frequent trips to the mid-west.

Now I’m in the south, y’all! We love Georgia, and we enjoy exploring our new state and the surrounding ares.

We are always looking for new places to see and fun activities to try with our children.

We miss our families, so we fly back to the Pacific Northwest often with our children in tow. They’ve become wonderful frequent flyers!

This summer I flew cross country by myself with all the kids and hey, if you’ve met my toddler, you know that’s quite the feat! 

We’ve always done frequent road trips, since our oldest was a baby. My husband’s family always lived at least 6 hours away from us, so we got to be quite good at packing up for quick trips.

From infants to toddlers to big kids, we’ve got recommendations and helpful advice for it all, based on our lived experience. 

Here on my blog, you will find tips and trips to help traveling with you littles a bit easier. From car games for a long drive, to advice on hiking with a toddler, to how to navigate through a busy airport with young kids, you’ll find advice here! 

I also like to share anecdotes and hopefully make you laugh, or at least realize you aren’t alone in whatever parenting challenges you’re facing!

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